OS2 Singlemode (G657A2) Loose Tube Outdoor Direct Burial Armoured Fiber Bulk Cable (per meter)

OS2 Singlemode Bulk CableSKU: BK-F6OA-SM-LT

Fiber Count: 6-strand
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This bulk loose tube fiber cable is outdoor rated. It is OSP rated for outside plant environments. Its loose tube design offers reliable transmission performance over a broad temperature range. Optical fibers and water-blocking elements are placed inside gel-free buffer tubes. This cable provides high fiber density, can be used for multiple network applications, reduces cable installation time, reduces number of tools required, improves compressive strength and rodent protection, and speeds fiber access/cleanup.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Fiber Optic Type OSP Loose Tube Outdoor Direct Burial Armoured Cable
Glass Fiber  Corning ClearCurve LBL G657A2
Fiber Count 6-Strand / 12-Strand / 24-Strand / 48-Strand
Color Coating Fiber Dimension: 250”m±15”m
Color: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Aqua
Jacket Material: PE
Outer Jacket Dimension: 11.7mm±0.5mm
Loose Tube Dimension: 2.0mm±0.10mm
Material: PBT
Color: Blue, Orange
Filler Dimension: 2.0mm±0.10mm
Material: PP
Color: Natural
Central Strength Member Diameter: 2.0mm
Material: FRP
Strength Member Material Glass Yarn
Tension(Long Term) 890 N
Tension(Short Term) 2700 N
Crush (Long Term) 1000 N/10cm
Crush (Short Term) 3000 N/10cm
Min Bending Radius(Dynamic) 20D mm
Min Bending Radius(Static) 15D mm
Operating Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Installation Temperature -30 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Cable Weights
6-strand 12-strand 24-strand 48-strand
0.29 lbs/m 0.38 lbs/m 0.41 lbs/m 0.50 lbs/m

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