L21-30R Pass & Seymour - Legrand Power Cord Connector - Screw on (L2130C)

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This L21-30R power cord connector is a 4-pole 5-conductor grounding heavy-duty plug. The tough nylon body provides impact and chemical resistance. The powerful offsetting cord grip clamps on individual conductors and outer cord jackets prevent strain on the terminals.

Physical Characteristics
No. of Poles 4-Pole
No. Of Conductor 5 Conductor
Connectivity Screw Terminals
Material Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature Maximum continuous 75℃ and Minimum -40℃ without Impact
Cable Diameter Range 3-wire device:
0.325 inch (16/3 SJ Type) to 0.750 inch (10/3 S Type)

4 and 5-wire devices:
0.325 inch (16/4 S Type) to 0.750 inch (10/4 S Type) with inserts
0.700 inch (12/5 S Type) to 1.15 inch (8/5 S Type) without inserts
Wire Gauge Compatibility
Pass & Seymour - Legrand
Part No.
L21-30R Female
c(UL)us Yes
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.15 lbs [0.06kg]

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