1000ft RF-400 bulk cable 90% TC braid + foil Black

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This low loss bulk RF-400 cable is 1000 feet in length and consists of a 2.74mm (0.11 inch) copper clad aluminum wire. It is ideal for jumper assemblies in wireless
communication systems, short antenna feeder runs, GPS and mobile antenna applications.


Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Inner Conductor Material Copper Clad Aluminum
Dielectric Material Foam PE
First Shield Bonded Aluminum Foil
Second Shield Tinned Copper Wire Braid (168*0.12) 90% Coverage
Jacket PE, Outdoor UV Resistant, Black
Inner Conductor Dielectric First Shield Second Shield Jacket
2.74mm 7.24mm 7.39mm 8.13mm 10.29mm
Impedance 50±3Ω
Capacitance 78pF/m
Velocity of Propagation 85%
DC Resistance

Inner Conductor                                        Outer Conductor

4.6Ohm/Km                                                5.4Ohm/Km

Shielding Effectiveness ≥90dB
Voltage With Stand 2500.0V

Installation: -20 ~ +65℃

Operating Temp: -40 ~ +85℃

Attenuation (@20℃ )
150Mhz 450Mhz 900Mhz 1500Mhz 1800Mhz 2000Mhz 2500Mhz 5800Mhz
5.0dB/100m 8.9dB/100m 12.8dB/100m 16.8dB/100m 18.6dB/100m 19.6dB/100m 22.2dB/100m 35.5dB/100m

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